jGrowl 1.2.11

I released a small updated to jGrowl today that fixes an issue when triggering the shutdown method (thank you Joana for reporting it!), basically the multi-notification closer would be left behind (though not visible) and remain in limbo. The fix cleans out all nodes in the container emptying it completely out upon shutdown.  I've also cleaned up text artifacts, space/tab discrepancies and extra space at the end of lines as well.

If you hadn't noticed yet, jGrowl moved from BitBucket over to GitHub when jQuery rolled out their new plugin registry.  They've got a pretty neat system for updating a plugin's page off of a manifest file in the git repository.  The move to GitHub has also been nice because it's resulted in several outside contributors issuing pull requests (thank you Dimitry and Artem!). If you find a bug, please file it over at GitHub and always feel free to issue a pull request if you have an improvement, bug fix or feature request!

Check out jGrowl on jQuery Plugin site.

Check out jGrowl on GitHub.

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