Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk is another git-driven deployment service, this time directly to EC2 and RDS instances on Amazon Web Services.  It's similar to what Red Hat is doing with OpenShift conceptually.

If you are a PHP developer like myself your first question is probably, will it install my composer dependencies for me?  The answer is YES.

Here's the kicker, and quite frankly this does not make any sense to me...  If you have stubbed your vendor folder in place, so you've either touched ./vendor/empty or ./vendor/.gitkeep, you are going to have to removed it.  Elastic Beanstalk will use composer based upon the presence of a composer.json or composer.lock file, but if it sees the vendor folder it bails out and doesn't execute the install command. Again, I really don't know why this is and I could not find any documentation about it.  Yet this exactly what I needed to do to get my dependencies installed.

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