Premature Jesus

Normally on March 25th the church celebrates the Annunciation, when Mary is told that she will conceive and carry the Son of God in her womb. Typically this falls during Lent, which at first glance can seem odd, but then we remember a baby normally bakes for nine months, and nine months from now is Christmas... Well then it all adds up. Here's the thing though... This year Jesus is going to be premature when Christmas comes around. He's gonna bake about two weeks less this year because March 25th falls in the Monday of Holy Week. I'm told this would normally transfer the festival to after Holy Week, because nothing trumps Holy Week. But then there is the Octave of Easter and you can't do the Sunday after Easter because Sundays during the seasons of Easter are privileged. So the Monday one week after Easter becomes the day we celebrate the Annunciation. That's April 8th, the Monday of Quasimodo Geniti if you weren't tracking yet.

I've been trying to think of how to adjust the algorithm on to make this happen and quite frankly I think I'm going to take a Mulligan. Transferring a festival one day, I can handle, but transferring it two weeks and across a month presents some challenges. Nonetheless, in full disclosure I wanted to make it known that if you're looking around for the Annunciation you won't find it on this year. Never fear though, Higher Things has you covered with an awesome Reflection for the Annunciation.

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