Stargazing jGrowl

I get a fair number of emails about jGrowl each week. Two common requests are 1.) Can you include a compressed version? 2.) Do you have a CDN?

I used to ship a compressed version, but quite honestly I always forgot to update it so I wound up removing it. Plus, it never seemed like I was using the right one, as I was always getting suggestions to try a different compression process. Nonetheless I am willing to give this another shot, but with a specific purpose...

CloudFare has their site which is an awesome contribution to the community for providing a CDN for all of the other JavaScript libraries you want to use. CloudFare's cited criteria for putting a library up is 100 stargazers on github. So if you are reading this and either like, use or just admire jGrowl do me a favor and go star it over on github. If we reach 100 stargazers I'll submit a request to and see if we can't get a compressed version of the library up on a CDN.

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