Life with a Twist of Lemon

For more than a couple of years now my friend Jon Kohlmeier has been trying to persuade me to start a podcast with him. We’ve routinely joked about it, but I’ve resisted getting it started because of time and other trivial things. Jon and I have been friends for well over a decade now and our roots to podcasting go way back. Jon was the cohost and producer of the Higher Things Radio podcast with another friend of mine, Rev. George Borghardt. I appeared a number of times on that podcast, and there are more than a couple of episodes where it is just Borghardt and I just shooting the breeze. I think that’s where the idea for Jon’s and my podcast came from, because really Life with a Twist of Lemon is just the two of us shooting the breeze. Jon likes to say we’re just recording the conversations we were going to have anyway, and if it wasn’t for the fact that we schedule the recording that’d probably be spot on.

So this is my latest project, a podcast where I just talk with my friend Jon. There’s nothing prescriptive about what we’re going to discuss fro one episode to the next. We’re going to try to keep it to thirty minutes or so, because we don’t particularly care for long podcasts ourselves. We plan to keep it fully rated G because I’ve got kids and I want them to be able to be safely in ear shot. Right now I’m having a lot of fun doing the podcast; more fun than I thought I would. If I’m lucky, we’ll get a listener other than my mom and dad, and if not then my kids can look back on this project in a few years and laugh about it.

Oh and about the name... as vain as I am, would you believe it wasn’t my idea? No, really! Jon came up with the name and, because I have no modesty in my blood, I happily obliged to using it.

You can find our podcast on iTunes and most likely whatever podcast app you’re using. I use Overcast, a fantastic and free podcast for iOS, and recommend trying it out if you’re not already using a podcast app. The topic is constantly changing so pick an episode that interests you and give it a try, worst case scenario we’ve wasted thirty minutes of your time!

And apparently we've got a Facebook and Twitter page too, if you're into that sort of thing. (Thanks Jon!)

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