The Donut Fairy

Dunkin Donuts delivered to the house via Door Dash

Evelyn is the household donut connoisseur. She’s the one responsible for getting me out of bed early to go get donuts, and she also usually decides where to get the donuts. She’ll tell you the best donuts in Indianapolis are at Long’s Bakery, but that Jack’s Donuts is closer; and if you want one of the cinnamon twists they’re bigger at Jacks, but Long’s has the better cake donuts. She’s got it all down; this is her thing.

One day Henry (age 8) is sitting back watching reruns of the epic show Myth Busters on Hulu. This is one of the few shows we watch that has ads. Evelyn, his little sister (age 6), is his sidekick and was happily sitting at his side watching Myth Busters when an ad for Dunkin Donuts came up. I can count the number of times Evelyn has had donuts from Dunkin on both hands, it’s maybe 7. Only one of those occurred in Indianapolis, the others were at Grandma Lemon’s house during a visit and a few times on the road when Mom & Dad needed coffee.

I was sitting on the deck reading when the Dunkin Donuts ad popped up, and Evelyn rushed outside to tell me about. She told me we could get free donuts, the TV said so. She was excited and rambling a bit and also mentioned something about dashing. It took me a bit, but I figured out that the ad was talking about Door Dash.

Dunkin Donuts ad inside of the Door Dash app, note the free munchkins

Maybe this is a good time to explain that in Evelyn’s 6 long years of life we’ve had food delivered to our house exactly one time. It was right after we moved to Indianapolis, on day 2, and we ordered pizza from Donatos. The kids declared it a disaster and to this day when I mention it they don’t recall it, the scar of bad pizza having been blocked out due to the trauma of the whole thing.

So Evelyn has no idea what Door Dash is, but this hasn’t registered in my brain yet, but I cautioned her that this likely was too far away to work for us. She nodded and went along, insisting that I check. I installed the Door Dash app, having never used it before, created an account and checked Dunkin Donuts’ availability to our home. We live in a relatively new part of Indy and there are a number of things that don’t deliver to our area (like Drizzly) and I assumed that would be the case because Dunkin Donuts is not exactly close (~9 miles). Well sure enough, Dunkin Donuts delivered to our home and the ad that Evelyn saw was the first thing to pop up.

I committed to Evelyn then and there that I would get donuts in the morning, including the 25 free donut holes. Her job was to wake me up in the morning and say “Dunking Donuts” so that I remembered. Thus the deal was closed.

The next morning Evelyn got up a little earlier than usual, snuck into our master bedroom, crept up alongside my side and in the creepiest voice possible said, “DUNKIN DONUTS.” I pulled up the app on my phone and I started to place an order. This all seemed fairly routine, but now I needed to get ready. Evelyn got dressed and waited while I showered. When I came out she looked very nervous, “Daddy, you took a long time, we gotta go get the donuts.” At this point I smiled, “But honey they’re already here.” “What?!?!? How?!?” I then showed Evelyn a picture of them on our front doorstep that had been sent to me by the Door Dash driver, and she bolted downstairs. Mrs. Lemon had already moved them inside.

This was a truly mind blowing event for Evelyn. Donuts could be delivered?!? To our house?!? How is this possible??? Of course, there’s only one answer and I shared it with Evelyn: The Donut Fairy.

Technology is pretty cool.

Evelyn devouring a Dunkin Donut from The Donut Fairy

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